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Get your CV in order

Get your CV in order

One of the biggest errors candidates make when formatting their CV is not listing their current role at top of their work history. It is much easier to read and understand where your current skillset is by listing your current job first.

If you are applying for a role in agriculture but have no experience in your current work history, it is worth mentioning any personal experiences that might give you a connection or understanding of the industry that is not obvious within your CV. E.g. You grew up on a farm, grandparents were farmers etc.

Make sure you explain any gaps in your work history – for whatever reason, being up front and honest is always the best way to go with employers and or/recruitment companies. We can't represent you well if you do not give us the whole story behind your CV.

Try to keep your CV to 2-3 pages at a maximum. We will never submit a CV to a client without interviewing you to find out the story behind your CV. We give time to every candidate to make sure we understand you and where you want to be, so you can explain your CV in detail then and we look forward to hearing your story!

Include a personal summary which should give an overview of your area of expertise and your interests/passions.

Adding a skills section allows a potential employer to see immediately what you can offer.
Don't assume that the person looking at your CV knows what sector/area the company you work for are in. It is worth adding a few details if it is not obvious from the company name.

It is important to list your key achievements in your past positions and if your background is in sales, ensure that you mention key sales successes e.g. Sales v's targets

Don't overthink writing your CV, it is important that your CV represents you accurately, but it is just an overview of your experience to date. Your CV only gets you to the first stage of the process, the rest of it is down to you and how you interact with interviewers.

Good Luck!

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